Jam Session Jam Tracks

Variety Jam Pack

An assortment of varied rock guitar backing tracks to explore playing lead guitar. B and A (major or minor) are nice easy keys to start off with for soloing, as you can try out the classic box position on the middle of the guitar fretboard which is simpler for arm movement, so they are well represented here!

Blues in B Major

its in a really convenient place on the guitar to do a B major pentatonic and blues scales. This is a slow blues that you can play around with.

Blues in B Minor

Another track in B, this time in a minor key, try out the B minor pentatonic scale over this track.

B Minor Experience

A retro Sixties vibe with a classic B minor, A major, G major chord progression.

Comfortably Dave

A slow take your time stroll through another classic 4 chord progression in B minor, similar chords to above but with added E minor for extra flavour.


A slightly Eastern rock track, it is in key of A and you can try a lot of styles here, an A harmonic minor scale would sound quite good over this.


Southern American rock style chord progression in C major

Spanish Castle

Classic Spanish or Latin sounding A minor, G major, F major, E 7 chord progression. Try variety of A minor scales or arpeggios here.

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