Beginner Lead Guitar - Part Two - Lead Techniques

Now that you’ve spent some time learning the pentatonic scale and are comfortable picking out the notes cleanly and in rhythm, this video demonstrates some of the techniques used in lead guitar solos as well as touching on picking up and down strokes with the right hand. Make sure you don’t rush and expect to master these techniques straight away. Remember that regular practice & a dose of patience will help you get there as they’re not easy at first. The final section of this video features Steve playing some blues guitar solos using the pentatonic scale as well as the techniques from this video. 

Topics covered include:

  • Hammer on
  • Pull off
  • Bend
  • Slide

  • X
  • Master Volume

  • Select Your Guitar

  • Right or Left Handed

  • Chord Strum Speed

  • Chord Pick Speed

  • Scale Speed

  • Tuner Repeat Rate