"Fundamentals of Music Theory 101"

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2012 03 03
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Hello, O.T.!  Remember me?   I've been reviewing your Theory 101 posts.  Now, if you will bear with me, I have a SPECIFIC situation - and I want to know whether I have interpreted it correctly - and since YOU are the "go to guy" for theory, I wonder if you can answer my question.

I believe the Key and Mode for this song are:  Key of D, E-Dorian Mode

Okay, the key signature has 2 sharps (F#, C#) and the chords in the song are Em, G, and D (appearing in that order at the beginning of the song).  The very first melody note is E and the very last note of the song is also E. 

So, now am I understanding this correctly?  I know that 2 sharps indicate either D major or B minor keys, but given the other "clues," I think E Dorian Mode of the Key of D is correct.  Have I arrived at the proper conclusion, based on this information?

Hope you and all the other folks at CB are well!

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