Tablature Required for " The Walk " by Mayer Hawthorne

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2007 05 09
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2006 11 19
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Hey silverado, good to see you back again...i googled 'the walk' but all i could find after some effort were the chords over lyrics...guessing you already found those. One idea would be to work with the chords while you listen to the song to see if you can 'find' the leads. the rhythm will come to you while you play along while listening. not the easiest for me either, but without tabs that's about all i can come up with when  i want to break down a song.


[quote=silverado]I am learning to play " The Walk " by Mayer Hawthorne ;  if anyone has the tabs for this song ( especially the lead and rhythm guitar ) , would they please send them to me;  Thanks in advance ;  Silverado[/quote]

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