New Guitar Day!!!

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2009 06 16
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I have had an interest in small bodied guitars for quite a while now.  A while back I added an Epiphone EL00 Parlour to my "room".  I enjoyed playing it.  It was a good "couch" guitar.  Since, I have given it to my grand daughter when she outgrew the "student" guitar I bought her.  My main guitar is a Taylor GC3 that plays and sounds beautifully.  BUT, I've still had an interest in a small body.  I've been following the comments on the Taylor GS Minis since they were introduced.  Yesterday, I finally got to a shop to try one.  I actually went there to convince myself I didn't want one.  With my chubby, arthritic fingers, I was anticipating the short scale, narrow neck would NOT suite me and I could stop looking at them for myself.  BOY, was I WRONG!!!!!  It is a fantastic guitar.  The reviews and comments about it fall way short of what this little guitar is.  For its size, it does not lack for sound and volume.  Even with the narrow nut, the short scale makes up for it in the string angle as well as string tension.  The short scale, less distance between frets, also means less stretch for my fingers.  When my "spousal unit" (read WIFE) saw the expression on my face, she said MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  I am now the proud owner of a Taylor Mahogany GS Mini.

As always....Keep It Fun...... Dean


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2006 11 19
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Congrats Dean and Merry Christmas alright ! Wow, what a spousal unit do you like the feel of the medium elixers?
Interesting how you talked yourself OUT of buying the Mini...i got a smile from that since i know the feeling. Have fun
and don't forget to report back with a follow-up on your new guitar as to playability, tone, how you like the short scale, etc.

Holiday Cheers,


...'you bought a guitar to punish your ma'...

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2012 03 03
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Hey, Congratulations on your new Mini and welcome to the Mini-owners club!  I've had mine nearly 4 years now and still love it.  Kudos to your wife on her "Merry Christmas" to you!

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