Having lived in Los Angeles

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2010 10 30
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I was reading this and it reminded me of the ocean eating away Santa Monica during one storm


my own thoughts influence the way I play my guitar and write songs

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2006 11 03
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...I spent 3 years in the Oxnard-Ventura area and lived in an apartment in Ventura only 100-feet or so from the shoreline.

...winter storms were always "washing" closer and closer even back then (40+ years ago).

...and the DEVIL said: "...yes, but it's a DRY heat!"

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2006 11 19
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Dragging this topic up on Feb. 1, 2014...i lived in santa barbara county for a good while and the cliffs kept falling down onto the beach in big rain years. one place i'd go to hike down to the beach between two houses gave me a surprise. i drive up the street and one of the houses is gone. i looked down carefully from the sidewalk and there was the house in a pile of rubble. din't hike down that way again. this year there are lots of slides where i am in the PNW and now it's beginning a 10 day rain cycle so i expect even more slides.

Meantime, i'm stillllll playing guitar, learning new things every practice, averaging an hour or so a day, sometimes 2. i know other parts of the counry/world are having much worse weather than here, so i'm thankful that i'm only looking at 10 days of rain which may or may not bring flooding. how 'bout out your way? happy february, 2014 !


...'you bought a guitar to punish your ma'...

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2009 06 16
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Here in northern Wisconsin, we've had a wide range of weather.  We had some early snow which we thought would mean good snowmobiling.  But it fizzled and temps rose into the 30's.  Ruined a lot of our riding.  Now it's gotten cold with NO snow.  BAD!  It has gotten me a lot more time to plunk, though.  Still working on bass runs.  Get tin' better.


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2012 03 03
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Hi y'all!  And the weather report from the Deep South is:  frigid temperatures (like 30's!!!), although we had some decent walking weather in the 60s the other day. Also some rain.  My brother came to visit, leaving a blizzard behind in the Northeast.  I've loved the rare opportunity to pick with him and learn some new techniques. I also brought my fiddle home from my daughter's at Christmas and have picked that back up after 18 years - not that I was ever very good, but I'm excited to even be able to find the notes!  Also learned a few new techniques on that.  Thank Heaven for brothers! Hope you're all well and safe from floods, blizzards, landslides, etc. 

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