Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions (and answers) are shown below:

Why is the chord sound uneven the first time I play the chord

Due to browser issues you may find it sounds strange the first time you strum, then afterwards all fine. We are pushing the limits of older technology to make sure everyone on all types of devices can enjoy this guitar application. Also if your computer is old or sluggish this may affect playback. At the same time we are looking ahead to what we can do with modern browsers in the future.

What browsers does the app work with?

The widget will work on most modern browsers including the pretty old Internet Explorer version 8, but for the best experience we recommend latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. We will be continuously developing to take advantage of the new features available in modern browsers.

Why won't this fit on my smart phone / ipad mini / mobile

There's a lot of information displayed in the app screen and only so much time in the day!, we made this fit device sizes from iPad in portrait mode upwards to laptops, desktops and large screen. We will review the usage and along with other ideas will consider how to extend support for mobiles in future. It still works, but for now you have to scroll around a bit.

What guitar sounds are you using ?

For the acoustic a 1983 Martin D28 and for the electric a Fender Toronado through various amp sims and a few fx.

I think I found a bug, what should I do ?

This new version of the site is very new and we welcome any feedback or bug reports, please contact us here

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