How to Practice Fingering Guitar Chords

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Learning to play the guitar requires learning many new skills. One of these is learning how to play guitar chords. This in itself requires a number of strengths, including learning how to finger the chords correctly. There are several problems that people often come across when learning how to do this. Here are some tips.

Use a wider neck
One of the simplest solutions is to use a guitar with a wider neck as the strings are further apart. This reduces the likelihood of you touching the wrong strings when playing guitar chords. Alternatively, get a twelve string guitar but have only string six strings fitted as this will give you more space between the strings. Continue reading “How to Practice Fingering Guitar Chords”

7 Adaptable Guitar Chords Progressions

guitar chords progressions

If you are at the stage of beginning to write your own music, then it is not uncommon to want to create your own original chord progressions. However, in the case of guitar chords it is close to impossible to create chord progressions that have never been used before. When you are learning guitar chords, guitar scales and chord progressions, you will also begin to learn songs. It is then that you will notice patterns in the music that you play and you’ll start to recognise chord progressions that feature regularly in a variety of songs. However, it is important to bear in mind that this does not mean that by using them your music will be any less unique or in any way inferior. Continue reading “7 Adaptable Guitar Chords Progressions”

Guitar Chords – 8 Common Chord Progressions in Rock

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Depending on the genre of music you want to learn how to play, when you listen to the structure of famous tunes you will find that some are a lot more common than others. In fact, when you listen to rock music closely, you will realise that many of the tunes use exactly the same guitar chords over and over again.

In theory, you can use any combination of progressions and chords to make a song, but you will soon realise that certain progressions sound better than others. This is why they are used so much by professional musicians and songwriters. If you want to play rock music, here are the eight most common chord progressions you will need to learn how to play in order to bust out a jam with the best of them. Continue reading “Guitar Chords – 8 Common Chord Progressions in Rock”