10 Tips for Crisper Guitar Chords

better guitar chords

How you play your chords is an important part of making the sound you want when you are playing a tune. One way that you can improve the sound is to play your guitar chords in a crisper fashion. But, how do you go about doing that? Here are ten tips that will help you get there:

1) Practice

Practice is key in getting sharper guitar chords. If you are a beginner, then try practising with virtual guitar chords online first. You must first learn guitar chords before you can improve the way you play them, so master each of them in turn. Practise just two chords at a time until you can achieve a crisp sound.

2) Use your fingertips

You will get much clearer chords if you use your fingertips instead of the pads of your fingers. Bear this in mind each time you position your fingers for a new chord.

3) Press down hard

A common mistake that people make is they are not pressing down hard enough. This prevents your chords from sounding clear and crisp. Not pressing down hard enough will result in a buzzy note. Having your hand in the right position will help you to apply enough pressure.

4) Check your thumb position

Although your thumb does not create guitar chords, the position it is in will make a huge difference to the sound you create. It should be flat on the neck of the guitar and pointing to the ceiling. Do not let your thumb hang over the fret board or let it point towards the headstock.

5) Keep your fingers close to the fret

When your fingers are far away from the fret you will get a buzzy sound. Try to keep all your fingers as close to the relevant frets as possible and you will get a much clearer sound.

6) Work your way down

The string tension is highest near the nut and you will need to press harder on the strings here. So, the guitar chords that use this area are more difficult to play. If you learn the chords at the top first and then work your way down, you will find things much easier.

7) Roll your first finger

Your first finger plays a key role when you play barre chords. Use the harder side of your finger and roll your finger towards the headstock. Another benefit of doing this is it will help with the mobility of all your other fingers.

8) Keep guitar strings clean

A really simple tip for improving your chords is to keep the strings clean. Dirt and grease on the strings will affect the clarity of the sound. This will take just minutes to do and will make a huge difference.

9) Tune your guitar

Your chords will never be crisp and clear if your guitar isn’t in tune. Try using an online guitar tuner or check what the chords should sound like by practising with virtual guitar chords.

10) Persevere

You might not get them all straight away and you may find some trickier to master than others when you start to learn guitar chords, which is why perseverance is so important. It is the only way you will improve your overall guitar playing.

Although getting crisp guitar chords might not happen straightaway, by using these ten tips you should soon be able to hear the difference when you are playing your guitar.