Eight is Enough theme

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2014 09 03
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Hello from a newbie.

I've sought for almost two years, in vain so far, the sheet music or just easy chords (by letter name) to the COMPLETE three-verse-plus-"middle-16" version of the Theme from Eight is Enough (music by Lee Holdridge, lyrics by Molly-Anne Leikin). The only carrier I could find on the net keeps telling me the sheet music booklet is currently unavailable.

Could one of you guitar mavens help me out by viewing/listening to the video (on YouTube) of Grant Goodeve singing it? Goodeve's fingers are mostly hidden for most of the video except the introductory two chords (alternating G to C).

I've made my best guess but would like to have a more professional ear give me a greater assurance of what I think the chords sound like. Please try to clearly identify each chord change with its associated sung syllable(s).

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.


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